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5 Ways to Get a Recruiter Comment

You have created your master resume, improved your interviewing skills, and developed a template for the perfect covering letter. But what else can you do to catch the eye of recruiters and get the job of your dreams?

1. Know what you bring

Take a good look at your skills and think critically about your career goals. Then, use that lens to see possible work. Can you immediately see that your knowledge and expertise fits well with the role? This is very good news! Strive to develop fast tones that cover every base. Now, if a recruiter is approaching or approaching you, you will not panic. You can talk with authority and successfully market your capabilities.

2. customize your resume

It’s great to develop that master resume – it’s all on. But you will need to customize it for each job you are applying for. First, it will help you pass the Candidate Tracking System (ATS). Use the keywords from the job list to adjust the master to match appropriately. Not only look at job postings, but look at the company website as a whole, does the style and mood match – is the organization serious and focused? Is it a startup with a playful character? Regardless of the “vibe”, review your resume accordingly. Recruiters are not just looking for someone who can tick all the boxes. They are looking for someone who fits into the culture.

3. Understand the organization and its culture

Dive deep into the organization as you customize your resume. Do some research – how does it stand in the market? Who are its competitors? What does this company do well and why should it be included? Is there a place where you can clearly see where you’re a good fit? Are they missing something valuable that you can donate? When you think about what you offer, think about what they offer – is it a start-up business and you like to grow fast? Are they a Fortune 500 company and are you most familiar with the structured corporate environment? You should be able to have informed conversations with recruiters and show them that you have done your homework.

4. Use your social accounts as an extension of your resume

Planning is needed, but it’s worth the time. It’s a fact of life – most recruiters and employers turn to social media for a fuller picture of potential employees. You can use your platform for communication and research. You can also use it for promotion. This requires consistency, but commit to regularly sharing information relevant to your industry, using hashtags that appeal to the right audience, and making those social accounts attractive to recruiters. When you use it, clean up that LinkedIn profile and make sure it’s 100% complete.

5. Make connections

On the way to your new job, you have the opportunity to build relationships with everyone you talk to – don’t waste it! If you get a chance to talk to a recruiter, ask them what they think of the company and its role. Building positive relationships will not only help you decide if the company is right for you, but will also allow you to make your first friend in your new job, even if you are not selected to go further the process. role, you can impress and save your head for other things in the future.



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