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5 Pro Tips For Getting Your Dream Prom Hairstyle

You may not live in Hollywood, but prom night is really your red carpet moment. Your clothes, your shoes, your make-up, your hairstyle – everything has to be perfect. Prom Hair Team from Matrix for your prom ‘make the most!

1. Be prepared.

Getting a prom hairstyle is fine like eating a hearty breakfast. It will give your updo or other hairstyle the energy to last for hours. Apply styling product to damp hair to add volume and texture control. Blow dry part by part with a round brush to smooth the ends and strengthen the roots. Then fix the hair with a curling or hot rolled iron. Do not remove the clips or brush the hair out until it is completely cold. Now you’re all ready!

2. Say yes to dress.

Choose the hairstyle that best suits your prom dress. Do you wear a one shoulder dress? Choose a side pony or bun (put it over your bare shoulders) Go out without straps? If you have a nice neck, lift your hair up – otherwise it creates sweet waves and wears it down. Think of the “opposite” – if your outfit is fashionable, put interesting curls or waves in your hair. If the fabric is textured, choose a sleek hairstyle. Going the retro route? Go all the way with fluffy 50s, lovely 40s, or Gatsby finger waves from the 20s.

3. Play with the pony.

All thumb up? Consider a trusty tail tail. There are so many ways to wear this long hairstyle! Here’s a fashionable version – spray-dry strands with styling spray for heat, body and hold protection, and hair styling with a two-inch flat iron. Once the curls are cool and firm, pull the hair high on the head, tie it with the elastic, and wrap a strand of hair around the elastic. Fog the tail with a flexible hair spray, comb it with an oval styling brush, and voila! Fine pony cushion!

4. gesture.

Make no mistake – there will be cameras. Your mother, his mother, your love. Make sure you look your best on Facebook. To get a perfect look at the picture, it’s all about getting rid of every bit of frizz – nothing spoils a prom hairstyle faster. Gloss is also essential, so fog stocks are formulated to eliminate frizz and brighten up shine.

5. Take a modern turn.

Make your prom hairstyle your own by giving it an edge. First, it doesn’t have to be perfect – don’t worry if you have a few tendrils floating all over your prom updo! If you are creating a curly prom hairstyle, mix the curls sizes and shapes. If you are making waves, start three inches from the roots and leave the ends outside. Use products that provide a touch grip. Try not to overuse accessories – one headwear can be too much. The idea is to find prom hairstyles that make you look and feel great without looking or feeling like everyone else!



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